We can almost hear the ocean calling when we look at our latest collection. With textures and colors that evoke sand and sea, it has a calming effect that will surely lull you to sleep at night like the sound of waves hitting the shore. Ahhh, escape! 

Note: All Seaside Escape Collection pieces can be purchased individually.


As we celebrate Spring moving into Summer, it’s the perfect moment to bring more green into our lives! With a calming shade of cream as its backdrop, this vibrant collection comes alive with a variety of unusual details and inviting textures. Ever elegant, ever soft…ever green!


We are just loving the way this collection brings so many of our favorite things together in such a creative way. Hand-drawn botanical drawings. Black and cream. Bold, classic stripes. A veritable ‘garden’ of interesting and inviting textures. And, of course, the Comphy standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Note: All Leighton Collection pieces can be purchased individually.


The inspiration for the Mali Collection came out of 11th century in West Africa, which was where the first ‘Adire’ approach to fabric dyes and patterns was created. This vibrant style translates well for the modern bedroom in rich indigo hues, creamy beiges and a variety of inviting textures.


The African meaning of ‘Nala’ is ‘abundance’, and that is certainly reflected in this new collection with its abundance of textures and shades. The sun-drenched yellows contrast beautifully with the more subtle neutrals, and the primitive patterns all come together to create a bed design fit for a queen. 


The only thing more essential than a simple, white bed is a simple, white Comphy soft bed. A pure white bed is the design of choice in most of the world’s finest hotels and inns, and many people have followed suit in their homes to help create the restful, inviting feeling that only an all-white bed delivers. Add in the luxurious touch of Comphy with all our fabric benefits, and essentially, you’ve got the perfect bed for anyone.


The timeless elegance of a simple border to the crisp White Comphy bed. These Grey Border Linens work beautifully with both contemporary and traditional interiors, and feature a wide border in classic Grey on White.


Kanso is a Japanese interior design concept that’s quickly becoming a trend. It is one of the seven principles of Zen, symbolizing simplicity and the flow of energy within a space. The modern patterns of the fabrics we’ve chosen reflect those ideas, and are complemented beautifully by the warm neutral shade of Mocha.


We are true blue for our Oxford Collection, and loving the way it works so well for both contemporary and traditionally designed rooms. This deep shade of navy is practically a neutral because it pairs well with any color decor, and what could be more classic than polka dots?