There’s no better season for Comphy to go color than summer! Our Floresco collection combines rich hues of blue and red, and allows them to pop beautifully on a foundation of crisp white. We hope you love it as much as we do. In fact, we think this collection is the brightest idea we’ve had yet!


Inspired by the Capuchine dove, this collection is meant to create a feeling of peacefulness and calm, while still quietly flourishing subtle design details. Neutrals, like this lovely shade of Dove grey, never go out of style and have even been proven to help promote sleep when used in a bedroom setting.

Essential Collection

The only thing more essential than a simple, white bed is a simple, white Comphy soft bed. A pure white bed is the design of choice in most of the world’s finest hotels and inns, and many people have followed suit in their homes to help create the restful, inviting feeling that only an all-white bed delivers. Add in the luxurious touch of Comphy with all our fabric benefits, and essentially, you’ve got the perfect bed for anyone.