Baby Shower Trends

Baby Shower Trends

April showers brings May flowers…and hopefully babies!  We saved the best for last in our showers series with the joyous baby shower. All baby showers are sweet and fun, but we gathered a few of the hottest trends to help you add a little pizzazz to the occasion.

Baby Sprinkle

One of the most popular baby shower trends right now is the Baby Sprinkle. As you sprinkle the mom-to-be with gifts, enjoy all the fun decor and food that go along with this theme such as sprinkle tea lights, confetti balloons, & sprinkle covered donuts. This one is all over Pinterest so you’ll easily find inspiration.  And it’s a perfect theme to use for a mom who may be having a 2nd or 3rd baby because she may only need to be “sprinkled” with gifts rather than a downpour of bigger baby gear. Comphy’s Baby Bundle  and Baby Knit Bundle both come in a variety of sprinkle colors and are proven to promote sleep, which is really the best gift you can give a parent!

Llama Mama

Another fun trend is the Llama Mama baby shower. Llamas are the new mustache or bacon of the baby world– so trendy and soon to be everywhere! If you’re looking for llama themed ideas, take a look on Etsy because there are so many creative gems. This theme lends great gift ideas too because there are so many cute llama baby books, plush llamas, & other items for the new arrival. Of course, llamas are soft, so we love them! Pair a stuffed llama with a Comphy Knit Baby Blanket and you’re sure to be a favorite auntie!

Cacti Shower

One of the most surprising baby shower trends comes from something prickly and pokey – the very opposite of what you think of for a baby shower! The cactus themed baby shower may sound strange, but it’s so cute when pulled off well. Check out some of our Pins to see what we mean. Plus, if you combine the llamas and the cacti then boom, you’ve got a fiesta themed shower that is yet another fun trend.

So many Pins, so little time! Once you choose your baby shower theme, stick to it and stay focused for a successful party and the mom-to-be is sure to be thrilled with all the work you do!

Here are some Comphy Baby Shower gift ideas to get you started!


Here are some Comphy Baby Shower gift ideas to get you started!

Comphy Baby Bundle – Two fitted sheets & a quilted crib blanket

Comphy Baby Knit Bundle – One fitted sheet, a quilted crib blanket & a baby knit blanket

Comphy Baby Set – One fitted sheet & a quilted crib blanket

Comphy Knit Baby Blanket – Luxurious fabric, anti-microbial & anti-bacterial

Comphy Fitted Crib Sheet – Our luxurious microfiber sheet in a teeny size!

Comphy Quilted Crib Blanket – Our luxurious microfiber quilted into a cozy crib sized blanket


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