How To Brighten Up Your Space for Spring

How To Brighten Up Your Space for Spring

Give springtime an early admission – while we haven’t sprung our clocks forward just yet, your living space is yours to brighten up any time. Revitalize your interior spaces in honor and anticipation of longer days, warmer nights, and fragrant blooms. 

We are walking you through a few simple adjustments and Comphy enhancements to nix those winter necessities and incorporate some cheerier details. Expect not only your space to feel lighter and decluttered, but your mood to be lifted as well.

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color.

Spring is the ideal opportunity to go a bit bolder and add a dash of whimsy, by embracing the season’s sunny, uplifting shades. One of the easiest ways to update your space is to tweak its color palette. It might be as simple as adding an accent color, or replacing dark toned linens like browns, blacks, and navies with nature-inspired hues. 

May we suggest sage greens and golden yellows? Lush, verdant grass is an emblem of the arriving spring season, and the color adds the same freshness to a room's color scheme to help you turn over a new leaf. Or, known as the ‘flower of the sun’, marigolds symbolize positive energy and warmth. You’ll feel it with the bright yellow hues and inviting soft textures in Comphy’s sun-soaked Marigold Collection.

Bring in more light & the outdoors in. 

Take advantage of the fact that as spring sets in, the days get longer and those sunlight hours start to extend. Cultivate a brighter, airier feel throughout your home by embracing more light and air, which can help visually expand the room as well. This can be as simple as opening up windows more as it gets warmer out - focusing on opening those across from each other to encourage airflow. Make sure to deep clean the windows at least once a year (obvious but effective!) and opt for light, neutral curtains to maximize the effect. Mirrors also help expand visual space and illuminate dark rooms. We suggest adding mirrors near a light source, like a window, door or table lamp to naturally amplify the lighting. 

Embrace mixing textures & materials.

If your space feels dark or flat, adding textures is a sure way of helping a room to feel more inviting, by creating depth, interest and a feeling of comfort. This spring, take a layered approach, especially ideal for transitional spring nights when the weather can’t make up its mind.

For example, if your living room color palette is made up of neutral shades, interrupt the consistency by changing up the fabric textures. We love the unique, plush, chunky texture of our Bubble Cable Knit Throw. This thick, lush layer is known for its lasting quality and super soft handfeel. Lightweight and gentle, the stain and mold resistant fabric does not pill or absorb water, making it ideal for high moisture areas and both indoors and outdoor use.

Refresh Your Bedding

Create an enticing, spring inspired bedscape with a few tweaks. When your bed is the room’s centerpiece, often a new sheet set and duvet cover is all that you need to transform your space and cultivate the perfect place to relax, lounge, and dream. Our Microfiber Sheets are a luxurious essential year round, but they’re particularly effective as temperatures warm up in the spring. Lightweight and breathable, our high performance linens are specially designed to wick away moisture for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

We love our bestselling Sheet Sets in crisp, classic Cream for a serene refresh paired with a colorful duvet cover, pillows and/or throw to add color, volume, dimension, style and comfort. Best of all, our Microfiber Sheets in beloved, creamy Ivory are finally back in stock after a hiatus away!