How To Avoid The Top 3 Bedding Blunders & Create Your Dream Space

How To Avoid The Top 3 Bedding Blunders & Create Your Dream Space

There’s no joy quite like falling into new, freshly curated bedding to revitalize your sleep habits. It is where we spend a third of our lives afterall, so it’s important to create a bedscape that is both comfortable and stylish. We’ve found that a few mistakes can have an impact on both your decor and sleep quality. That’s why we’re helping you avoid the most common bedding misconceptions to get the most out of your dream space and rest.

  • Thread count is actually not king 
  • Thread count measures the number of threads per square inch of fabric. There is a common misconception that the higher the count, the better.  Sheets can have a high thread count, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the finest option. In fact, it often makes them harder to launder and last, and gives them a heavy feel. 

    Instead, keep an eye out for the quality of the material itself. Microfiber bed sheets are composed of finely woven fibers that offer softer, yet more durable bedding that lasts over time, and is easier to care for. It is less likely to wrinkle or shrink compared to fabrics like cotton, and requires less drying time as well. Our sumptuously soft microfiber sheets are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and treated for soil release. The fabric wicks moisture away from the body, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep (which it is even scientifically proven to promote).


  • Purchase bedding that works with your sleep preference, not against it
  • It can be tempting to choose the most popular or plush option for bedding, but knowing your individual sleep preference is paramount to achieving your best rest yet. For example, when selecting a duvet, it is important to listen to your body’s natural temperature control. Consider if you run hot or cold during the night typically, and therefore what sort of layer you prefer to sleep under. If you are partial to the chills overnight, try a light to medium, all-season duvet with our Duvet Cover. For those who tend to sweat while they sleep, opt for a lighter option, like a lightweight duvet or our airy yet cozy Quilted Blanket.

    Similarly - are you a back, side or stomach sleeper? Either way, we have the perfectly personalized pillow for you. With Comphy, you can customize your pillow to your sleep preference by choosing a soft, medium or full fill, depending on your preferred position:

    • Firm: Firm pillows are best for side sleepers. This is our firmest pillow for head and neck support, filled with Memorelle™ with a fill weight of 35 oz
    • Medium: Ideal for back sleepers, a medium firmness is for those that like a full pillow with some give. This one is filled with LuxLoft™ Cluster fill with a fill weight of 20 oz.
    • Soft: For stomach sleepers, our softest pillow is filled with Silky Loft™ with a fill weight of 28 oz.


  • Switch up the color scheme of your bedding to reflect your personal style
  • While an all-white bed has classic, luxury hotel quality appeal, color can have an impact on how you sleep….and it doesn't just apply to your wall paint. Picking the best color for your bedding ties your room's decor together as well as creates a personal sanctuary to retreat at the end of a long day. Think of your bedding as an extension of your individual style and desired ambience – calm shades like gray and blue cultivate a soothing, tranquil atmosphere, while warmer tones like cream and mocha offer a laidback look with a sense of luxury. 

    For a bed with both character and coziness, we love using white sheets to create a versatile foundation, and adding dimension and interest with different textures, fabrics and finishes. Start with our bestselling Sheet Set in white, and complement them with a duvet color in a color like light blue, silver blue, or lavender, to create striking yet sophisticated contrast. Try tastefully layering a quilt or blanket at the end of the bed for an interesting design element, as well as adjustable warmth.