Boho Decor Inspiration

Boho Decor Inspiration

We love the eclectic look inspired by the Bohemian decor trend and how it adds some fun and flair to any room. If you’re looking to liven up your space while still maintaining some elegance, one of our latest collections may be for you. Our cheerful Boho Collection includes some of the brightest Comphy colors yet!

A Few Key Elements to Boho Decor:

Variety – With all elements of Boho Decor, keep in mind that variety is important. Mixing things up keeps the boho feel light and lively.

Plants – A simple way to bring in the natural component of bohemian decor is to incorporate a few plants throughout the room.

Bold Colors – A few bold accent pieces or a bright accent wall can transform a room.

Pattern Mixing – A blending of patterns and colors can make the boho look fun but be sure you don’t go overboard!

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