Bridal Shower Trends

Bridal Shower Trends

Spring is in full swing, which means it’s time for April Showers! As natives of the Pacific Northwest, we understand a good spring downpour but here at Comphy we much prefer baby and bridal showers to the rain varietal.

Planning a bridal shower can be so much fun but it’s also a lot of work and can quickly become overwhelming. Hopefully these bridal shower trends can help get you inspired!


These days, bridal shower etiquette has changed, allowing a more relaxed vibe in what previously was often a stuffy event. Co-ed showers have become popular and are a great way to include the groom in some of the pre-wedding day fun.

When planning a co-ed shower, be sure to think of the couple and what they would both enjoy. Possibly a mix between a garden party & BBQ including fun lawn games like croquet or bocce ball. Activities to get guests interacting are essential, but traditional bridal shower games of the past are becoming less popular.

Other trending co-ed showers include “stock the bar” showers, where gifts include alcohol and barware to help a young couple start married life with a well-stocked bar.

“Around the clock” showers have also become popular for co-ed showers because they allow for a wide variety of gift ideas that can work for both members of the happy couple. At this type of shower, guests are assigned an hour of the day where they then select their gift accordingly (for example, a guest assigned 11pm could give the couple a set of luxury sheets, and we know just the brand!).

At these showers, be sure to include the groom with his own indulgent gift ideas like a luxurious spa robe…or better yet a matching set for the pair!


Get your gals together and throw the bride-to-be a good ol’ fashioned slumber party! We recommend booking rooms at a hotel with an adjoining spa so everyone can get some good pampering at this overnight. Plan events the bride will love like a popcorn & movie night in your pj’s or makeovers with before and after photos.

And remember to spoil the bride with gifts like luxury knit throws or give her a little TLC with an eye pillow kit that promotes rest and relaxation.


Who doesn’t love brunch? This is such a fun bridal shower choice because it keeps the feel light and casual while still allowing for some mimosas and bubbly! Add some flare to the food by setting up a waffle bar or a cute coffee station with all the fixins. Brunch is another easy way to go co-ed because what groom would turn down breakfast food?


While etiquette may be loosening up these days and some are opting for the casual route, sometimes a girl just loves to get glammed up! Formal bridal showers are also back in vogue. Keep things simple with the monochrome color palette of black and white.

Add in a few pops of sparkle (either silver or gold will do) and some bubbly and you should be ready to go! Be sure to remember to announce the attire on the invitation so guests dress accordingly.


Nothing makes a better bridal gift than something that includes luxury and pampering. Comphy products are designed with spa-like luxury in mind so here are some gift ideas that the bride-to-be will love:

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