Celebrating Our Story on International Women’s Day

Celebrating Our Story on International Women’s Day

Celebrating Our Founder, The Women of Comphy, And Women Everywhere

As a women-owned, women-run business, Comphy is proud to honor International Women’s Day by acknowledging the stories of women who have worked hard to realize their dreams. Our favorite of those stories is that of our incredible founder, Mia Richardson, and today we’d like to share her story…and OUR story…with you. 


Years ago, when Mia Richardson was working as a Spa Director, she recognized a need in the market for linens that would satisfy the most discriminating spa-goers. As a single mother, it was a courageous leap when Mia decided that maybe the person who needed to make that happen was HER.

A strong entrepreneurial spirit inspired Mia to develop the most innovative, luxurious linens imaginable. She spent years doing research and development to get the quality just right. At one point, she even had to move into the warehouse, where she lived until the linens were launched. She was determined to succeed, and was willing to take whatever risks were necessary.

Once Comphy became a reality, it took very little time for the company to become the leading provider of spa linens in the world. But to get the same quality for home linens, which spa guests began requesting adamantly, even further research was required to keep the fabric’s signature softness in much larger sheet dimensions. Thankfully, success was achieved. With Mia at the helm, we can all rest assured (and comfortably) that there is great science and passion behind every Comphy product.


As the company began to grow, Mia began hiring a staff that consisted primarily of women. When her daughter earned honors in her master’s degree in management, she brought her on to help forge the sales team. Ever since, Jessica Carrington has provided exemplary leadership at Comphy as the Director of Sales & Marketing. She has joined Mia in becoming well-known in the spa industry as providers of excellent personalized service and expertise.

Comphy has now expanded to include several divisions and product lines for Spa, Hospitality, Retail Shops, and Comphy for Home, including a Baby line. Mia has won multiple awards as an innovator and leader in the Spa industry, and she and Jessica are often quoted in the industry press on topics such as best practices for sustainability, and emerging trends in treatment room design. We are so proud of both of them, along with the other female leaders and staff members who are dedicating their careers to excellence and quality at Comphy.


As proud as we are of our own women, we know there are countless stories out there of women who are achieving greatness by following their passions and applying a strong work ethic. We salute women all over the world on this International Women’s Day, and gladly wave our flag of support for every woman who reaches for their personal best!