Comphy Hospitality Newsletter | Summer 2018

Comphy Hospitality Newsletter | Summer 2018

Welcome to our first Newsletter!

As many of you know, we enjoy sharing the information that we’ve gathered over years in the hospitality industry, especially if it helps your business. That’s why we’ve decided to also do this in the form of a quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date with new trends, products and more. We’re excited to begin this new way of communicating with you, and hope you’ll give us feedback and ideas!


We’re thinking that the perfect place to begin is to fill you in on a lot of things that you may not even know we offer right here at Comphy. Our list is always growing because we know that ‘one-stop-shopping’ is helpful. For example, check out this list…


Blanket Weight Inserts

This is a Down Alternative Blanket*. It can be used as an insert for the Duvet Cover or as the layer of warmth in warm regions for Inns that use triple sheeting. It features sewn in 4-inch squares to ensure stability and premium comfort, and best of all- it’s machine washable!

*Available in Down, too

Comforter Weight Inserts

This is a Down Alternative Comforter*. Just like the Down Alternative Blanket*, but this one has twice the fill as the blanket. It’s very durable and super warm. Many inns use them during the Fall and Winter months.

*Available in Down, too

Euro Pillows

These pillows*, together with our popular Euro Shams, offer another design option to enhance your rooms. They have a square shape and look wonderful with or without our custom decorative pillows. We can customize just about any look to make it your own.

*Available in Down, too

Mattress Pads

Yes, we have these, too! This pad gives you added protection for your bed, and gives some additional for comfort. It’s plush, really durable and comes in sizes from Twin to California King.

Mattress Savers

We finally found a mattress saver that we are excited to have in our portfolio. It effectively creates a barrier to protect the mattress from fluid damage. Plus, if you combine with our mattress pad, you’ll be getting maximum protection (and minimum worry!) for your bed.


That’s right, we carry towels! They are a 60% Bamboo / 40% Cotton blend that is soft and yet very absorbent. They come in white and cream, and we carry sizes from Wash Cloths all the way up to Bath Sheets. Don’t forget the tub mat!

Spa Robes

Our robes are very popular because we use two layers of our famously soft fabric, with a third layer in the chest area for added privacy. Of course, they’re not just for spa- you can hang them in the closet of each room as an extra courtesy for your guests.They’re perfect for cool and warm weather because the double layer makes them breathable while still serving as great insulation.



Have ideas for new products? Excited to share a new trend or a piece of information that others might find interesting? Want to send a pic of how you’re using Comphy products in your Inn or B&B? Wonderful! Please email any and all inspiration to