Dressing Your Spa Table During COVID-19

Dressing Your Spa Table During COVID-19

Reopening your spa, but not sure how to keep yourself and clients safe? With so much uncertainty these days, the last thing you want to worry about is how to dress your treatment table multiple times each day.  Follow these recommended steps to help keep you and your clients stay safe and be sure to always follow your state and local guidelines. 

Step 1: Prepare Your Treatment Table 

Start by sanitizing your own hands and then putting on gloves. Then sanitize your table with your preferred disinfectant. Spray liberally and wipe down thoroughly, allowing disinfectant to dry. 

Step 2: Cover Your Table 

Use a fitted terry sheet for your first protective layer. If you’re using a plastic barrier sheet, place the fitted terry sheet over the plastic cover.   

Step 3: Additional Layer 

Next, cover the terry sheet with your fitted microfiber bottom sheet which acts as an additional layer of protection. 

Step 4: Top Sheet 

Add a flat microfiber sheet, which is what will cover your client. And don’t forget a Comphy face mask to offer your client when they are face-up on your table or during their entire treatment. 

Step 5: Blanket Options 

Option One – Quilted Blanket – Add a quilted blanket atop your flat sheet as the final layer before beginning the spa treatment. Replace the blanket with every client as you would the sheeting. 

Option Two – Covered Blanket – Add a blanket layer atop the flat sheet from Step 4. Then, cover the blanket with an additional flat sheet and fold the sheet and blanket layers down to prevent the blanket from coming into contact with the client. Wash the blanket at the end of each day. 

Option Three – Prefer to drape your clients with a towel? Try our lightweight Massage Towel that is our terry blend on the client-side and our soft microfiber on the other to ensure a clean presentation on your table.  Remove the massage towel with the sheeting after each treatment. 

Step 6:  Between Clients 

Strip all the bedding from your table and place directly into your Comphy Laundry Bag. Start over at Step 1 by sanitizing your table and beginning the process over again. 

Step 7: Launder the Bedding 

Wash your linens and laundry bag, separately based on linen type and color. Wash in hot water between 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit. Place in the dryer on medium heat and remove promptly. Repeat after each client and treatment. 

We hope these steps bring a little clarity to such an unusual situation. And keep in mind that these are simply recommendations and that you should always follow your local regulations. 

Watch our step by step video on how to dress a spa table below