Easter Activity Ideas

Easter Activity Ideas

Easter is just around the corner!  We’re looking forward to Spring this year more than ever and we’re getting excited for some of the festivities we’ll enjoy with our Comphy family.  Whether you have children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or just enjoy the fun Easter activities yourself, we’ve collected some of our favorites to give you some inspiration for a fun holiday. 

Easter Egg Marshmallow Krispy Treats 

Who doesn’t enjoy Rice Krispies Treats?!  And with the help of The Pioneer Woman, you can create these super simple but adorable Easter Egg versions!  For such a fun and easy activity, it really makes a cute display when placed on an egg plate or even an egg carton.   

All you need is butter, marshmallows, Rice Krispies cereal, sprinkles, & plastic easter eggs  for molds.  Make the treats as usual, following the recipe on the cereal box.  Wash the inside of   a few plastic Easter eggs, butter the inside (so the treats don’t stick!) and fill with the treat  mixture.  Close the egg to mold the treat into shape and then decorate with sprinkles!  You can  even add a small chocolate egg or jelly bean to the center for an extra surprise. 

Egg Decorating Ideas 

Hand Painted Eggs can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike!  If you aren’t planning on  eating the eggs, any kind of paint will work for this project.  Food safe options are available as  well, so just choose what works best for you!  There are some amazing water color style  painted eggs that may take a little extra talent, but simple polka dots and stripes can be a cute  change of pace too. 

Natural Dyes may require some experimenting, but there are a lot of fun ideas out there for  naturally dying Easter eggs.  This usually results in more muted colors but can make a  beautiful natural look in your décor. 

Craft Supplies also make a fun change for your egg decorating.  You can gently  glue pretty  ribbons around the eggs like in the photo below, or use tissue paper or confetti and mod podge  for a pretty affect too. 

Simple Drawings can also be an easy way to change things up.  Use basic white hard- boiled  eggs and a thin tipped Sharpie to make silly faces like the ones pictured below.  You could  even add the adorable eucalyptus halo to give it the spa touch! 

Egg Race 

The classic kids party game makes for a fantastic Easter activity too!  All you need is a few spoons, a few eggs, and a container.  Have the kiddos line up at a starting point and place a colorful basket filled with Easter grass (or even just a cup will do!) at a finish line.  The first person to successfully carry an egg (without dropping it!) to the basket wins! 

We hope these ideas will help add a little extra fun for you and your family this Easter.  Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration!