Getting Organized – Spring Cleaning Tips & 5 Problem Areas

Getting Organized – Spring Cleaning Tips & 5 Problem Areas

Though Spring is in full swing, the cleaning never ends!  Whether you’ve already completed most of your Spring Cleaning or you haven’t even started, we’ve got you covered with tips & ideas for purging and getting organized this season.

First, Make a Plan.  The most common mistake in home organization is starting without a plan.  Without one, you’ll get easily distracted and before you know it you’ll be sitting in the middle of a big pile of stuff ready to throw up your hands and quit.  Start by writing out a roadmap of the areas you’d like to tackle.  Also remember to start small and build up to larger projects.

Next, Prepare Your Supplies. You’ll want to be well armed with trash bags, boxes to sort into, and pen & paper.  As your sorting through items, it helps to have pre-labeled boxes such as “donate,” “elsewhere,” and “keep.”  Have the pen and paper handy for to-do list items you need to jot down.

Third, remember to Stay Focused.  It’s easy to get distracted by items on memory lane, but focus is the key.  Also remember to tackle one area at a time.  This is why you created the “elsewhere” box; rather than taking an item from your bedroom to the kitchen, put it in this box and take it there later so you don’t get distracted and start working in a different room.

Be Realistic!  If you haven’t worn those pants in over a year, it’s time to let them go!  If you have kitchenware that you never use, don’t save them for“maybe” but donate them instead.  It’s time to get real with yourself if you want to clear that clutter.  And remember that donating to charities like Goodwill is one of the simplest ways of recycling so you can feel good while letting go.

Don’t be discouraged when you see that it Gets Worse Before it Gets Better.  When you’re sorting through years’ worth of clutter, it’s going to start by looking terrible because you’re pulling everything out of nooks & crannies.  This is another reason it’s important to stay focused on one project because otherwise your entire home will be in shambles!  Work through a project all the way to the end and you’ll see great results.  Don’t give up in the ‘worse before better’ stage!

Clear It Out. Don’t save a giant pile labeled “garage sale” for three months if you know you’re never really going to have one.  If you truly will sell some items, make sure you follow through soon.  Otherwise, donate immediately to clear your space. The momentum you build from purging can be more valuable than a little extra cash anyhow!

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Note: One of our favorite linen closet organization tips is to store folded sheet sets in one pillow case to keep the entire set together and looking tidy in the linen closet.