Halloween Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Halloween Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Looking for quick and easy Halloween decor ideas to make your bedroom pop for your Halloween party? Creatively using things around the house as well as a few dramatic purchases can go a long way to creating a spooky vibe. These ideas can be used for the bedroom or any room in the house and are sure to thrill your guests.

1. Colors

Sometimes it’s easiest to start with a color scheme. Here are a few suggestions.

• Classic Black & White: The nice thing about these colors is that you likely have some items around the house that can work with your theme. Maybe you have white sheets and just need a black blanket or throw to give your bed a spooky look. Add a few black & white pillows and your bed will pop!

• Feminine Purple & Silver: Bright colors can add some fun to Halloween décor and purple is one of our favorites. It goes well with a silvery spooky sparkle.

• Funky Green & Purple: Add some pizzazz to your decor with this unusual pairing that may sound strange but that’s why it works for Halloween!


2. Halloween Theme

Keep it simple and stick with what you like so that it’s easy to create a theme that ties a room together.

• Glam: Good taste and Halloween are almost oxymoronic, but it’s possible to create a glam or elegant feel with your décor. Use white pumpkins alongside ones painted silver or gold. Candelabras and lace are other spooky yet potentially elegant flourishes you can use. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.


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• Cheese-Factor: Go to any store these days and you know that Halloween is definitely a holiday that allows for some over the top and cheesy décor. Just like ugly sweater parties became popular at Christmas time, tacky can be fun. If you go this route, commit and go all out!

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• Spooky: Entertaining adults and hoping for some Halloween shrieks? Go with a creepier theme including ghouls and goblins and all things that go bump in the night.

• Fall & Harvest: For a more traditional approach using Fall colors, use classic orange pumpkins, orange and yellow leaves, candy corn, ornamental corn, and hay bales to lend a more autumnal feel to your decor. 

3. Dramatic Props

A few carefully chosen props can go a long way to make your decorations fun and tie together well. After choosing colors and a possible theme, here are a few prop ideas to make your house fun and memorable.


• Crow or raven perched at the foot of the bed

• A spooky dress form in the corner

• Old books stacked with cobwebs spilling over the edges

• Either tall & skinny candles in old fashioned candle holders or short & fat drippy candles can add a creepy lighting element to your room.


Comphy enjoys helping you create A Better Bedroom with fun tips and ideas. Stay tuned for more seasonal and holiday inspiration in this ongoing series.