Holiday Stress Relief

Holiday Stress Relief

Sometimes we take on too much during the holidays.  And for some of you this may even be an understatement!  As projects creep in, we tend to stay up later and later but we wake up the same time each morning.  So, we’re not only piling on the stress, but we’re compounding it by getting less sleep.  We then snowball toward the holidays at a speed we can’t control and we’re suddenly just as stressed as we were the year before when we promised ourselves we would be better next year.

What’s the solution?  As with so many things, the secret lies in the planning.  You need to create a sleep plan & a stress reduction plan so that you don’t spin like a top through this holiday season.

Sleep Plan

Set A Bedtime

There’s a reason we set a bedtime for our children and stick to it; they turn into little gremlins if we don’t!  Why don’t we understand that the same is true for adults?  Though we don’t need as much sleep as our kids, we still need to be diligent about getting enough rest so we also don’t turn into grumps.

Create a Bedtime Routine

Whether you love a warm bath, an herbal cup of tea, or simply reading in your Comphy bed, make sure you choose something you can do every night that signals your body it’s nearly time to sleep.  We are creatures of habit and a good routine will help prepare your mind and body for quality sleep.

Reduce Your Afternoon Caffeine Intake

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, then you may tend to drink even more coffee in the afternoon which creates a vicious cycle of then staying up too late and repeating it all again the following day.  Make sure you keep your caffeine intake low in the afternoon so you can get to sleep at night.

Stress Reduction Plan

Take just a few minutes to plan out a few ways to incorporate some stress reducing techniques into your week.  It’s important to be mindful throughout the day as well.  A few breaks can improve your effectiveness and help you work smarter instead of harder. 

Our 5 Favorite Ways to Help You Reduce Stress: 

Massage – Not only a great way to treat yourself but also a fabulous way to create a mind and body connection that helps reduce stress levels. 

Aromatherapy – We love that aromatherapy has become much more available at home.  We recommend using your favorite calming scents such as lavender to create a soothing atmosphere. 

Read – Take a break from the stress and from a screen.  Even reading just a few pages can help bring your body back from stress. 

Pamper – Don’t forget to pamper yourself during the holiday season!  New products at home or treatments at the spa can be a nice way to soothe your skin and nerves. 

Sleep – We covered this above, but it’s so important we’ll include it here too!  Make sure you’re getting some Comphy sleep to keep holiday stress at bay. 

We hope these tips will help you keep your holiday season merry & bright!