How to Measure Mattress Depth

How to Measure Mattress Depth

Have you ever ordered a set of sheets only to find the fitted sheet is too big or small? It may be time to measure the depth of your mattress so you know just what size you’re looking for. And though original Comphy sheet sets were designed for all mattress sizes with an 18” fitted sheet pocket and full elastic (allowing the sheet to be tucked underneath for a tighter fit), we’re pleased to announce we now have the same sheet set with a 14” depth instead. Either way, follow these instructions to get an accurate mattress depth measurement! 

Step One:  

Slightly lift your mattress & it’s sandwiched between the box-spring and mattress. A yardstick works nicely.

Step Two:  

Lay a 2nd straight edge or yardstick on top of the mattress.

Step Three:  

Using a measuring tape or ruler, measure the distance between the two straight edges. This ensures you’re including any lift to the top of the mattress and not measuring cord to cord which can give an inaccurate measurement.

And there you have it!  A simple way to get an accurate mattress measurement!