How To Tighten A Comphy Fitted Sheet

How To Tighten A Comphy Fitted Sheet

Hoping to Tighten Your Fitted Sheet? 

Does your Comphy fitted sheet seem too big for your mattress? No worries, we have a solution! 

Mattresses today vary so much in size – anywhere from an 8-inch firm platform to a fluffy 18-inch pillowtop! And though it may seem unlikely to have one fitted sheet work for that whole range, Comphy’s were specially designed just for that purpose.

If your mattress isn’t very deep, you’ll probably encounter excess material when you’re making the bed. But don’t fret! Comphy fitted sheets were designed to fit perfectly.   

Here’s How to Achieve the Perfect Fit 

First, it’s important to lift the corner of your mattress and get the elastic pulled directly toward the middle of the bed. Comphy fitted sheets feature high-quality two-inch elastic to create a very snug pull underneath the mattress. And the full band of elastic means when you tuck it under, it will gather evenly toward the center and create the tighter fit you desire. 

Continue lifting your mattress as you go around each corner and pull the sheet as far in as you can to reduce the pocket depth. The elastic will cinch the material in tightly toward the center. 

And finally, if you’re still finding an excess of material, simply try tucking it back under your mattress. If you do this around the entire bed, you’ll find you get a smoother finished look. 

We hope this helps you achieve the Comphy bed you’re looking for!