Improving the Male Spa Experience

Improving the Male Spa Experience

While the spa has commonly been a place for women, it’s become increasingly popular among men as well.  With a heightened awareness of health and wellness, today’s generation is understanding the benefits the spa experience can bring to their well being.  And though men are loving massages, pedicures, and sometimes facials and other treatments, we would love to see the male spa experience become even more commonplace.

Following is a list of ideas to make your male clients feel more at home.

Making the Male Spa-Goer More at Home

  • Offer robes that are gender neutral & available in larger sizes 
  • Have bath sheets on hand that are larger 
  • Offer reading materials in the relaxation areas that pertain to men 
  • Add treatments to your spa menu that are more male oriented such as a men’s facial or beard trim 
  • Offer facial products or retail items that are more appealing to men
  • If you tend to offer wine & tea, plan to have craft beer on hand as well


Male Oriented Spa Treatments 

Many of the treatments you offer for women can be offered for men but with a change in the way you approach the experience.  Try targeting athletes because they make for repeat clients.  Or if you live in an outdoorsy location, design treatments around certain activities like Red Mountain Resort’s Sagestone Spa Red Rock Hiker’s Massage & Gentleman’s Facial. Here are a few other ideas to get you started: 

  • Facials – geared toward the dry skin created by shaving  
  • Microdermabrasion – helps combat ingrown hairs caused by shaving, as well as its other benefits 
  • Couples Massage – a good way to get men in the door for their first time & be sure to market your male treatments while they’re at the spa with their partner 
  • Sports Massage – explain the benefits that massage can have for athletes 
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy – everyone can get on board with the stress relief & reduction in muscle tension that hydrotherapy can provide
  • Beard trims