Mother’s Day Activities & Gifts

Mother’s Day Activities & Gifts

Spring is in full swing and Mother’s Day is nearly here.  We are loving this change in season and the warmer weather it brings.  If you’re struggling with ideas to make the day special for the mother in your life, check out these activity and gift ideas we’ve gathered for you. 

Mother’s Day Activities  

At Home Spa Day 

Treat her to some rest & relaxation with the ideas from our at home spa day post.  You can make some refreshing spa water, let her choose a few spa treatments, and give her some true down time. 

Cook An Old Family Recipe 

Surprise her by tracking down a favorite old family recipe and cook it for her.  You could also make a collection of family favorites in a recipe box or notebook.  Reach out to relatives and track down ones that may have sentimental meaning behind them.  She’ll love it! 

Create a Crepe Bar 

It might look fancy, but a crepe bar is simple to set up!  Follow this recipe for the crepes (or check for pre-made ones at your local store) and then gather her favorite fillings.  Some great choices are Nutella & bananas, fresh berries, whipped cream cheese, lemon curd, and so much more. 

Go for a Walk 

It seems so simple, but sometimes mom’s love just getting outside together for a nice walk.  Feel free to go somewhere special, but even just a nearby neighborhood stroll is the simple kind of activity a mom enjoys.  As long as you include a couple of other activities or gifts from our list!  

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 

Make It Special 

Homemade gifts are a favorite for mothers, but be sure to add a little something extra special to make it sentimental or fun.  A collection of family photos in an album or photo book can be nice, or something that’s useful but also pretty. 


This may be the best gift you can give any mother!  And you know we have this category covered, but special suggestions would be our sheet setsSLEEP kit, or a little bit of luxurious flair in our Leighton Collection.  And if it’s too late to get something in time, you can always get one of our e-gift cards


Roll up those sleeves and get to work!  Plant a garden, do some extra yard work, clean out the garage – whatever it is she wants, she gets!  Every mom is different, but sometimes the gift of hard work is honestly what she would love most. 

We hope this guide has been helpful but whatever you choose, the mother in your life is sure to love it!  Happy Spring!