Mother’s Day: At-Home Spa Day

Mother’s Day: At-Home Spa Day

Mothers deserve the best. And though it only comes once a year, we get the chance to pamper them on Mother’s Day — so why not go all out? Whatever stage of motherhood yours may be in, she deserves a healthy dose of rest and relaxation. A private at-home spa day is just the thing to spoil her and let her know how much you care. You can also incorporate gifts throughout the experience for fun surprises along the way.

There are a few key components for an at-home spa day. Use these ideas to help get you started but then make the event your own with touches that will be perfect for your mother.

Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

Create a spa-like atmosphere at home with a few simple steps, the first being to tidy up! Make sure things are clean and clutter free in the rooms you’ll be using. Next, add a few small touches like a refreshing scented candle, the right lighting, & soft music. You can also add a few of her favorite magazines or other reading materials for resting between treatments.

Be sure to have favorite beverages on hand, and possibly make a fun spa water she can enjoy and feel refreshed.

What About The Kids?

If you’re thoughtfully planning this for a mother of young children, we recommend you make yourself (and the children!) scarce for just a little while. Give mom a chance to have an essential spa atmosphere element — peace & quiet. For the mother of young children, this may be her favorite part of her spa day at home! This option requires a bit of planning and set-up so that there’s no work involved for the mama.

If you’re planning this for your own mother, she’d likely want you to join in the experience for some treasured bonding time. Plan to be at her home or invite her over to yours depending on what she’d prefer. Moms of older children will love the chance to spend quality time together.


Think about what your mother enjoys. Does she love facials? Mani/pedis? Anti-aging skin-care? All of the above? Think about this ahead of time and plan the right products that will be best for the mother in question.

  • Since this is an at-home spa day, start things off with a long soak in a warm bath. While mom is enjoying her soak, you can set up the next treatment you’ve planned. After she’s finished, be sure she has a luxurious towel at her fingertips and a Comphy Spa Robe to wrap up in and stay cozy.


  • A face mask is a favorite at-home spa treatment and one that is fun to do together. If you choose to do a mask, be sure to cleanse the skin first to remove dirt and makeup. Select a mask based on your mother’s skin-type. We love masks from Osmosis, Eminence, & Hydropeptide. Be sure to follow the mask with a moisturizer for her skin type as well.


  • If you’re doing pedicures or manicures, be sure to have the right tools on hand as well as a selection of fun polish colors. You may even offer her a long foot soak in a pedicure bowl or tub to make things feel even more spa-like. Afterward, as she’s letting her nails dry, let her enjoy a relaxing Comphy Eye Pillow. Warm the flax seed filled pillow beforehand and treat with included lavender essential oil to aid in relaxation.



Relaxation Room

After you’ve completed the treatments you’ve planned, be sure you have a spa ‘relaxation room’ set up for afterward. You may be limited on space at home, so this can be the corner of the room you’ve been using for treatments but wherever you are make sure you have comfortable chairs, a favorite beverage, light snacks, reading materials, & possibly a cozy throw if there’s still a Spring chill in the air. This is a time for mom to put her feet up and just RELAX.

And to help you relax, we’ve gathered some Comphy favorites into a Mom’s Spa Day Bundle that includes a free eye pillow kit (Make sure you use PROMO CODE: MOTHERSDAY at checkout!)
These are just a collection of our favorite at-home spa day ideas but there are many other ways you can bring relaxation home for Mother’s Day. Check out our Pinterest Board for more ideas!