Nightstand Styling Ideas

Nightstand Styling Ideas

Although we naturally believe your bed (and sheets!) is the most important part of any bedroom, the nightstand is a close second place!  Unfortunately, it often ends up being a surface that seems to collect clutter.  Follow our tips to style your nightstand to end up with a bedroom accent you love!  

Below you’ll find our formula for a beautiful nightstand, but first, here are a few things to keep in mind:   

  • Keep it simple!  Don’t overdo it or you’ll get a big jumbled mess. 
  • We love to work in odd numbers so somewhere between 3-5 items is a good number depending on the size of the surface. 
  • Work in varied heights!  If you have a tall lamp, select other items that are lower and vice versa.  Be sure to create balance in the visual. 
  • Make sure you have some empty space…no need to cover the entire surface of your furniture with tchotchkes! 


  1. Start with the Nightstand Itself   

You lie your head by this piece of furniture every night, so make sure it’s something you love.   

  • Choose something that goes with the rest of your room and matches your personal style.  Like a clean modern look?  Or maybe something funky and rustic?  There are classic nightstand pieces as well as eclectic options and you can always look on Pinterest for inspiration. 
  • Does clutter tend to pile up on the surface of your nightstand?  Be sure your furniture has a drawer or cupboard below for storing those pesky extras. 
  1. Next, Select a Large Accent   
  • If space allows, hang or prop a piece of art or a mirror above the nightstand.  There are lots of ideas out there, but trust your gut because you’ll know if you like this look or not. 

On the Surface 

  1. Lighting 
  • Select a lamp or light that will work with your needs.   
  • Are you a bedtime reader?  Make sure you have a bright enough light to read well and that it points the light toward you.  
  • Need something soothing?  Select something that simply gives off a nice glow instead.   
  1. Flair  
  • Add a touch of your personality!  Whether this is something natural like fresh flowers or a succulent on top of a small stack of books, a simple candle, or a small jewelry tray, make sure you add something that represents you. 
  1. Function 
  • Just because something is functional, this doesn’t mean it has to be boring! 
  • Keep your phone beside your bed all night?  A small appealing charging station can actually look nice if you select the right one. 
  • A candle can be functional, especially if it’s one that promotes SLEEP!  Just be sure to blow it out before you’re drowsy. 
  • There are some gorgeous alarm clocks out there that can really round out your look. 

A bedroom is one of the greatest rooms in the house, so make sure you love it!  After your fabulous Comphy bedding, a beautiful nightstand is your next step.  Enjoy!