PILLOW MENUS: The Right Pillow for Each Guest

PILLOW MENUS: The Right Pillow for Each Guest

Choosing the Right Pillow 

There are almost as many types of pillows as there are types of sleepers, so choosing the right pillow can have a big impact on your sleep quality. Sleep experts recommend side sleepers have a medium to firm pillow to keep the body aligned, while back and stomach sleepers should use a soft pillow so that the spine and neck are not out of alignment.

As advocates of quality sleep, we love the recent Pillow Menu trend in some luxury hotels and bed & breakfasts. Offering a Pillow Menu allows guests to select the right pillow for their sleeping style.

And while Pillow Menus are trendy, it’s not necessary to have things quite so formal. Simply carrying a variety of pillows and asking guests if they prefer anything specific can help give guests the best sleep experience. Some Inns and B&Bs even include a variety right on the bed so guests can try them out to make their decision.

Whether you run a B&B or are just looking for new pillows at home, take look at our Comphy Pillow Options:


Side Sleepers

Firm Down Alternative Pillow

Medium Down Alternative Pillow


Back & Stomach Sleepers

Soft Down Alternative Pillow

Soft Down & Feather Pillow

Soft Down Pillo