Seven Steps to Triple Sheeting

Seven Steps to Triple Sheeting

Use Triple Sheeting to Get the Look of a Luxury Hotel

Do you love the smooth look of a luxury hotel bed?  We’re going to let you in on a hospitality industry secret and show you how you too can have that look of perfection in your own bedroom! 

Triple sheeting is widely used in premier hotels not only because it looks amazing, but it’s extremely efficient too.  If you want a quick way to change that top layer of your bed, this is it! 

Watch our video tutorial for instructions or follow our steps below to learn how to use this simple and effective technique!  (Pictured below: Comphy clients the Glasbern Inn & Topside Inn. Your bed can look this beautiful too!) 

7 STEPS TO TRIPLE SHEETING                                 

1. Build a Foundation

Cover the mattress with either a fitted sheet or a flat sheet tucked under all corners.  

2. Middle Sheet 

Bring your flat sheet all the way to the top of the mattress. 

3. Add Filling

Place your warmth layer (whether it’s a comforter, light blanket, quilt, etc.) six inches from the top of the mattress. 

4. Top Sheet 

Use another flat sheet to cover the warmth layer and line up with the top of the mattress. 

5. The Fold

Fold both flat sheets down together, about six inches.  The blanket is not included in this part of the fold. 

6. The Second Fold 

Take the two flat sheets and the blanket and fold down together another six inches. 

7. Finishing Touches  

Tuck in both flat sheets with the blanket beneath the foot of the mattress. Then tuck the sides in to create a smooth corner and smooth out the top layer of the bed. 

Add decorative pieces like throw pillows or a cable knit throw

Voila!  You could bounce a quarter off that bed!