Six Spa Industry Trends You Want to Know

Six Spa Industry Trends You Want to Know

As spas have been consistently open for a while now, we’re noticing a few trends that may be here to stay in our post-pandemic world.  With all the changes over the past year and a half, businesses have had to pivot in a variety of ways to ensure their survival.  The result for the spa industry?  Fun ways to introduce new concepts to their clients.  We’ll review a few here and hope it helps inspire you! 

Touchless Treatments 

Touchless or low-touch treatments are continuing their popularity as some individuals still feel reluctant for direct contact.  An uptick in these treatments has been a silver lining in the past year and a half.  Some low-touch treatments include halotherapy rooms, hot sand infrared saunas, cryotherapy, meditation, LED light therapies, flotation, and skincare consultations. 


The membership model has become more popular in many industries, and it’s definitely on the rise in the spa world.  The pandemic served as a wake-up call related to the importance of stress relief and self-care for many individuals.  Memberships offer clients the chance to come in repeatedly during the month as well as providing the spa with continuous income. 

Company Spa Retreats 

As people began working remotely, companies discovered the need for coworkers to connect to each other as well as reduce stress levels.  What better way to do that than a company retreat to the spa?  This has become a popular team-building activity as well as a way to increase stress relief. 

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

A trend that started well before the pandemic but remains true today is the connection between mental health and wellness.  As the pandemic pushed more people to understand the importance of self-care and wellness in the role of mental health, spas are striving to keep the awareness high. 


The simplicity and ease of offering breathwork classes have increased the popularity among wellness centers and spas.  The overhead expense is low but the benefits for the individual are high, making this a great way to adapt and create new options for your clients. 

Immune System Health 

Individuals now have a heightened awareness of the role their own habits play in their immune systems and health.  Spas have always offered immunity-boosting treatments, but the demand has increased and made a variety of offerings more popular.  There are many treatments available, but a few are infrared light therapy, herbs & oils, halotherapy, cryotherapy, and acupuncture. 

As the world continues to adjust, we expect to see an increase in health and wellness awareness.  We hope this overview gives you a few ideas for your spa!