Social Media & Technology Are Changing the Spa World

Social Media & Technology Are Changing the Spa World

As technology continues to play a larger role in our lives, the spa industry has the unusual problem of utilizing the internet and social media to generate business as well as staying on top of the latest improvements in treatment technology, while at the same time maintaining a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. So while you want your clientele to discover you online, when they come into the spa it’s more important than ever to allow them to disconnect from technology for a peaceful experience.

How exactly does the spa industry strike the balance? As with any social media or internet campaign, it’s valuable for a brand to hone their own voice and represent their mission well. Maintaining professionalism while still being you is possible and crucial. These days, people engage with a brand only when they feel a connection with them or know that they are gaining something of value.


Trust & Authenticity. 

Compared to print advertising, you’re now able to interact directly with your audience and show them your true colors. It’s important to be authentic online because clients can see through falsehoods and they need to know they can trust you. Building a strong foundation in your social media presence is important so that new customers turn into loyal ones.


Wellness & Millenials.  

As preventive care becomes more valued in our culture, millennials are becoming champions of the spa industry as a place for health and rejuvenation. Social media is a direct means of communication with this age group and if used well, it can increase your loyal fan-base. And loyal millennials are a great target audience as they know the value of social media and can help spread the word for your brand.



As leaders in the beauty and wellness industries, spas have a leg up on many other services because platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow for such great visuals. Be sure to take advantage of that by posting imagery that represents the feel of your spa.

Tap into the full potential of before and after photos. Before and after photos are powerful, especially when they not only show the success of a treatment but also the ambiance and feel of your spa. Clients are looking for a space that speaks to them so it’s important to separate yourself from the crowd. Remember, patrons can go anywhere to get a variety of treatments so ensure that your visuals show what is different about you.

A Time to Disconnect. 

Once you’ve gotten them in the door with your social media, consider how you’ll help them disconnect during their stay. Most spas request guests keep phone usage to a minimum and some even display polite signage asking patrons to turn off their cell phones during their visits. Some offer WiFi only in the lobby area as a place to check in when necessary. Create an experience that is unique to your own spa.