Spa Shower Tips

Spa Shower Tips

After many years working within the spa-industry, we understand how much there is to keep track of in the day-to-day business of running a spa. Whether it’s a five-star high traffic resort spa or a smaller luxury day spa, there are always many hats to wear and many details to consider. For example, what about your shower locker room?

Need a little inspiration to help shower your clients with a little extra R&R? More public parts of the spa often get all the attention but a few small additions to your dressing areas can go a long way in keeping guests happy– and they don’t take much time to implement.


  • Offer specialty soaps & shampoos to aid guests in a refreshing shower. Locker room showers don’t exactly say ‘luxury’ so make sure to pamper your guests with little treats along the way.
  • Consider private labeling the shampoo and soap with your brand to offer a more unique experience for the client. You can often customize scent and even have this available to retail.
  • Furnish post-shower toiletries like Q-tips, combs, razors, lotion, mouthwash, feminine products, hair ties, & hair dryers. This is a good way to also incorporate some of the items you may retail in your spa so that guests can try them before buying.
  • Comfort is crucial! Offer a variety of robe sizes rather than just a one-size-fits-all approach. Having a few outlier sizes such as petite and triple XL can ensure that all of your clients feel comfortable in the robe that they receive.
  • Wrap them in luxury. After a steaming hot shower, some guests may prefer a spa wrap over a robe to provide coverage and breath-ability for post-shower beauty routines.
  • Luxury towels make such a difference in comfort, and a high quality towel makes an excellent statement about your spa. Be sure to select something that is built to last but remains soft after numerous washings.
  • Makeup towels can be positioned at the sink and near vanities to encourage clients to remove makeup prior to treatments.
  • Supply a variety of flip-flop sizes for guests to use after their shower!


Stay tuned to our blog for more ideas like these for other areas of your spa!