Spring Textures

Spring Textures

It’s All in the Texture! 

Spring is here and with bright sounds of birds chirping, sprinklers spraying, and lawn mowers firing up, comes the impulse to freshen up the home.  Spring cleaning always makes the home smell and feel great, but sometimes it’s fun to change up some of our décor as well and the bedroom is the perfect place to start. 

As the focal point of your bedroom, your bed can really brighten things up.  And as we’ve discussed before, the Essential White Bed is flexible and can be tailored to any season.  We love the versatility of white and its ability to work in any time of year.  And just in time for Spring, Comphy has a new twist on white with our latest home product, the Deco Quilted Blanket.  This soothing repetitive curve pattern differs just enough from our traditional Quilted Blanket to provide a fresh look to your bed.  Pair it with matching shams, a few colorful throw pillows and you’ll give your room a whole new Springy feel! 

Other Ways to Incorporate Texture into Your Bedroom: 

  • Upholstered headboards                              
  • Decorative pillows 
  • Throws 
  • Wall hangings/Gallery wall
  • Window treatments
  • Throw rugs
  • Lamp shades
  • Plants
  • A few personalized trinkets 

The key to using texture in any room is to think in layers & be strategic.  It’s important to have an idea in mind so you end up with the look you want rather than a hodge-podge of clutter.   

Cheers to Spring decorating!