Summer Sleep – Sleep Cool in the Heat of Summer

Summer Sleep – Sleep Cool in the Heat of Summer

Things are starting to warm up and though we wish for it all winter, summer can wreak havoc on our sleep.  When temperatures rise, it’s not uncommon for sleep quality to take a nosedive.  And if you’re not fortunate enough to have an air conditioner it may seem like there’s little you can do to stay cool at night.  But with a bit of planning, you can drastically improve your sleep comfort.  Here are some tips to help cool you down in hot summer nights.

It Starts in the Morning

Before you leave for work in the morning, close up the house.  As temperatures start to rise you want all windows and door shut.  This includes curtains and blinds, or if you have them, window shutters.  Shutters and other exterior shades prevent heat from even entering the house, so they can be much more effective than interior window treatments.  As soon as it starts to cool down in the evening, open the house back up to get the air flow moving.

Point Out Your Fans to Work

When you’re using fans by the window, point them out.  It may seem contradictory, but this will blow the warm air outside, thereby creating a chimney effect to pull cooler air inside the home.  If you have multiple levels, be sure to open windows on the first and top floors to increase the chimney effect and move even more air.

Keep Up the Flow

In the summer, ceiling fan blades should run counterclockwise to create a downdraft. Be sure to keep bedroom doors open to allow air to flow throughout the home. And remember that heat rises and you may be better off sleeping as low as you can if you have multiple levels in your home.

Cool Yourself

  • Water is essential to keep your core temperature low. Stay hydrated throughout the day with our Spa Water Recipes.
  • Keep pajamas light and breezy, as well as your bedding. Sometimes just a simple sheet set is all you need.
  • Take a shower but be sure it’s not too cold. Cold showers kick the body into gear for raising your internal core
    temperature. As contrary as it seems, some recommend warmer showers because it helps lower your internal body temperature so you’re better off in the long run.  After your shower, leave your hair wet and don’t use a hair dryer.
  • Freeze a damp washcloth and use it as a cool compress.
  • Place a block of ice in a container (roasting pans work well!) in front of a fan that’s pointed at you.
  • We hope these tips help you beat the heat on these hot summer nights!