The Comphy Blanket Guide

The Comphy Blanket Guide

Have you noticed that slight chill in the air?  You know what that means… winter is here! But not to worry, Comphy has you covered with our Comphy Blanket Guide!  Read below to know which blanket is just right for your cozy comfort needs! 


Quilted Blanket 

  • You might consider this our flagship blanket, as it’s our most popular bed cover and often combined with our other products.  The Comphy Quilted Blanket is made with our famously soft microfiber twill (the same fabric our sheets are made from) and quilted in 1-inch (Twin) or 2-inch (Queen and King) squares.   These blankets are guaranteed to satisfy even the most sensitive of sleepers as they’re lightweight and breathe well, while still containing heat. 

Deco Quilted Blanket 

  • Featuring an Art Deco twist on our regular Quilted Blanket, this one features stitching in an elegant, repeated curve pattern. 

Weighted Blanket 

  • This 10-pound blanket ‘hugs’ a sleeper, resulting in deeper, longer, more restful sleep. Weighted blankets have been shown to reduce anxiety and stress and help relieve symptoms of numerous medical conditions. Fine-grade glass beads remain uniformly distributed and safely enclosed in each 6″ square, yet the Micro Mink blanket fabric is soft—just as you’d expect from us.  And the Comphy Weighted Blanket was voted Best Starter Blanket by New York Magazine. 

Duvet Cover 

  • The Comphy Duvet Cover was designed to work beautifully with a variety of decors.  The smooth texture complements our Quilted Blanket and the sleek envelope closure gives a clean finish to your bedding, while still offering easy access to the comforter.  Creates the optimal look when paired with one of our inserts. 

Duvet Inserts:  

Down Alternative Comforter 

  • Breathable with a high loft, this is the perfect insert for any Comphy Duvet Cover. Although it adds a nice extra layer of warmth, it’s still light enough for any time of year.  Available in Twin, Queen, and King sizes. 

Down Alternative Blanket 

  • Lighter fill weight than the comforter, this blanket works well as an extra layer of warmth year-round. It’s a great alternative for the warmer Spring and Summer months. Available in Twin, Queen, and King sizes. 

Down Comforter 

  • Our most abundantly full blanket insert was designed to create the perfect cloud of softness.  Available in Full, Queen, and King sizes. 

Down Blanket 

  • Lighter fill weight than the comforter, this blanket is the ultimate layer of warmth if you like a heavier cover weight all year round. Great for cooler months and climates.  Available in Full, Queen, and King sizes. 


Comphy SOFT Blanket 

  • You may have seen blankets like this before, but you’ve never felt one like it. Before we put the Comphy label on this product, we spent years researching the texture—because we knew that our plush blanket would have to be the softest one ever. The Comphy SOFT blanket is available in three sizes (blanket, throw, and baby) and three colors (white, cream, and grey). 

Bubble Cable Knit Throw 

  • You’ll love wrapping up in our thick, lush bubble cable throws.  Incredibly soft with a gentle light-weight touch that retains body heat, this knit throw is one of most popular products.  Dimensions are 50” x 70”. 


  • The original Comphy throw combines our micro-satin solid fabric from our spa products with a soft velour bottom and is incredibly cozy.  A perfect complement to fold or drape over any chair, bench or couch.  Dimensions are 50” x 75”. 

We hope this helps you choose the right blanket to warm you up!