Top Kitchen Trends You’ll Love This Year

Top Kitchen Trends You’ll Love This Year

We love to follow what’s going on in the design world and since launching the Comphy Kitchen line last year we’ve been paying even more attention to fun kitchen design trends.  We’ve compiled a collection of the current kitchen crazes from a variety of popular sources. 

Kitchen Color Trends 

According to Houzz, grey and white are still topping the list as popular colors for the main kitchen design but they also mention that bold colors are added in for a splash of fun.  Good Housekeeping mentions these bold colors like blue and green are becoming a favorite to balance the grey and white.  We’re happy to see that our Grey Kitchen Towels are fitting right in! 


Houzz also reports that kitchen countertops are the place where homeowners currently tend to splurge the most.  Quartz and granite remain popular, while marble is also increasingly sought after.  Butcher block and wood slap counters have also continued to be on the rise.  We love that our new tea towels, crochet pot holders, and cloth napkins are all tying in well with these materials and trends. (See a list of links to these products below.) 

Not surprisingly, kitchen islands have reportedly become used more for work now than ever before as working from home stays at high levels.  As a result, islands are getting longer and larger to provide more surface space. 

High End Kitchen Appliances 

Kitchen appliances that are increasingly high-tech or customizable have become the second feature homeowners are splurging on most.  People are buying appliances with wireless or smart phone controls as well as custom colors or paneling to match cabinets. 

Specialty Kitchen Organizing 

We love organized kitchens!  Real Simple reports that specialty organizing cabinets are more popular than ever as people strive to get organized at home.  Custom cabinets that hide and store garbage cans and recycling bins were most popular, as well as custom storing of cookie sheets and bakeware. 

We hope these current kitchen trends help inspire you to enjoy a kitchen you love!