Valentine’s Day Fun

Valentine’s Day Fun

It’s hard to believe that February 14th is nearly here.  If you’re trying to think of something fun and different this year for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered!  Here are some date & gift ideas to get you started:


  1. Spa Day Date – Enjoy the spa together by scheduling a couples-massage or other spa treatments you know your partner will enjoy.  Make a lunch or dinner reservation to follow up the relaxing session.
  2. Ice Skating & Cocoa – Brrr…it’s cold out there! Make the most of this time of year and get outside for something different & fun.  Outdoor ice rinks can be romantic, so do your research and try to find a good destination.  Hot chocolate by a fire pit afterward can make you feel like a kid again and makes for a fun date!
  3. Date Night at Home – Do you have little ones that make it tough to get out of the house?  Plan a fun date night at home once the kiddos go down.  This could include an at-home spa treatment, take-out by candlelight, a game night, or simply dinner & a movie.  Quality time together is the key! 
  4. Go to a Show – Look up local events like concerts, plays, or comedy shows to change things up. 


  1. Luxury – Get them something they want, not something they need.  We happen to know luxury and though our robessheets, & throws make wonderful gifts there’s plenty of luxury items out there for that special someone depending on their preferences.  Think gourmet coffee or tea, super soft blankets, or anything that they’d love to have but might not buy for themselves. 
  2. Experiences – Tickets to a performance of some kind are always a great gift because it means you’ll be spending more time together.  Think concerts, a weekend get-away, sporting event, or pampering at the spa.
  3. Get Creative — If you’re the creative type, get crackin’ on making something one-of-a-kind for your sweetheart.  Or better yet, take them to a wine and paint night so you can experience some creativity together. 

We hope this gets you inspired and thinking about that special someone!